NJABM Yaatra Guidelines

Yaatra Guidelines

Instructions on what Swamis should bring for the yatra:

  1. Pack light – one backpack per swami
  2. Any medicines as needed
  3. We will be staying in a hotel (4 swamis per room, with 2 queen beds).  Pillow, blankets, towels etc will be provided by the hotel.  Thus, no need to bring sleeping bags, bed sheets, towels etc., unless you don’t want to use what is provided by the hotel.
  4. Toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush, travel soap etc.
  5. One set of clothes to use for Dec 27th.  Swamis who are planning to do angapradakshinam, you might want to being an extra dhothi.
  6. Girl Swamis can wear black/blue/yellow skirts, pants, tops, shirts preferred on both the days.
  7. Winter Jackets/Sweater/Gloves/Caps/Socks – as required due to very cold weather expected on Dec 26th and 27th.
  8. You can wear socks throughout the yatra.
  9. The volunteers will gather the shoes at end of the Katunera and will return them after the Yatra on Dec 27th.  Please bring a paper or plastic bag to pack the shoes to give to the volunteers.  We will announce towards the end of the Katunera where to deposit the shoes.
  10. Food on the day of Katunera and throughout the yatra will be provided.

Note: We will be travelling by bus arranged by NJABM yaatra coordination team from New Jersey to Maryland and back. Your bus and hotel room numbers will be provided at the registration counter when you come for your Katunera on Dec 26th. You don’t have to arrange your own commute by Train/bus/flight or hotel as you will be travelling with us as part of NJABM yaatra group.

Dec 2023 Yaatra Itinerary:

Dec 26, 2023 Tue – Kattunera Day

  • 8:00AM:  Irumudi Preparation and Ghee Coconut Filling
  • 1:00PM:  Journey to Maryland Start
  • 8:15PM: Reaching Lanham, Maryland for night stay

Dec 27, 2023 Wed – Dharshan day

  • 7:15AM:  Journey Start to Temple
  • 8:15AM:  Reach Temple – SSVT  – www.ssvt.org
  • 8:45AM:  Preparation and Climbing Holy steps
  • 10:00AM: Ayyappa Abhishekam
  • 11:00AM: Prasadam at SSVT
  • 2:00PM:  Return Journey back
  • 6:00PM:  Arriving at Bridgewater Temple
  • 7:00PM: Return Home after Bridgewater Temple Puja

Maala removal instructions

  • Swamis can remove their mala with a help of temple priest, a Mala wearing Guruswami or if your mother put the mala for you, she can remove it at home/temple, after the Yatra.
  • Please recite the following slokam before removing maala

Apoorvamachaalaroha Divya darshanakaaranam

Shaastrumudraatmakaadeva Dehi me vratavimochanaam

  • Before you get into the house make sure you break a coconut by the door before you enter the house. If you have community restrictions, just put the coconut in a cloth or paper bag and break it so that it does not scatter. (One coconut per family will do).
  • Once you get home keep your Irumudi, prasadam that you got from the temple by Swami. Wait for a hour or so and then take a bath.
  • Light the lamp by Swami, do some neivadhium (dry fruits, fruits, anything you can) and do an aarthi
  • After a few minutes please take a bowl/cup and fill it with little (about an ounce) whole milk (or any milk you use) and mix it with water to thin down the milk (roughly one is to six measure). Soak your mala overnight. 
  • Next day clean it and let the maala dry completely and put your maala in a ziplog bag with a pinch of vibhuthi and keep it in a safe place along with other Ayyappan viratham items for use the next year.

If you have any specific question regarding the Yaatra please send an email to – njayyappa@gmail.com