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Swami Saranam. Each year Swami Sri Ayyappan Makara Mandala season starts from mid Nov and goes on until Makra Sankranthi, Jan 14th.

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Message from our Guru Swamy, Jayaram

Swami Saranam.
Yet another mandalam is over.. I missed the fourth one in a row.. I always virtually present there, my heart and soul always lingering around NJ especially during Mandalam.. this year, technology and techies made it even better.. I could even see the abhishegam in DC temple.

I like to take this opportunity to thank God, for every thing. I normally restrain myself from thanking individuals as I believe all of us are just tools in the hands of almighty..
I can clearly see how truthful, the messages are, from all the members.. they are all coming from their heart.
The number of members joining the Yatra is growing every year. Not just members, there are many new bhajans, singers, instrumentalists, priests, guru swamis, innovations, etc.. This year witnessed the maximum kochu swamis and the energy they brought..
The beauty of NJABM is its adaptability and acceptability… NJABM can take all the good ones from anywhere.. the goal is GOD and Bakthi.. More than anything GOD is with NJABM, I am not exaggerating, Most of us have witnessed His presence in many poojas.. I can keep on writing the wonders we have seen through the years..
I like to highlight what Deepak and Venkat said. Every year we see more members coming to Mandala Pooja; we assume majority of them would turn out for monthly poojas; but would have seen much lesser than the expectations… once again we request, like every year, you all to be present for the monthly pooja.. hoping this year the response will be different. Please mark it in your calendar and try to make it. This is an opportunity for everyone of you to experience the God in you.. My apologies for a lengthy message.
Swami Saranam.

Listen to our Guruswamy’s message about Vratham

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