Q: How long should I observe the Dheeksha (Vratham) before I take Irumudi and climb 18 holy steps?
A: Ideally, it is good to have Dheeksha (Vratham) for 48 days or at least 40 days, which is a mandalam.

Q: I wish to have Dheeksha for 48 days or 40 days, but given the reality, I may not be able to observe the vratham for that long. Can I have vratham for a week and take irumudi and climb 18 holy steps?
A: If you want to go to Sabarimala, anything less than 40 days should not be even considered. But for the yatra to Maryland temple, many of us are not able to observe vratham for 40 days. So the rule has been relaxed, so that more and more devotees can take irumudi and climb the 18 holy steps. But even for that the minimum days of Dheeksha should be 11 days.

Q: What is the difference between observing Vratham and having dheeksha?
A: Technically both should be almost the same, except that for dheeksha you have to wear mala. By wearing mala, you have to follow certain additional procedures, such as no shaving, not seeing ladies during certain days, etc. These additional things are followed to honor the God you are wearing.

Q: How is different to observe vratham for 40 days and 11 days? In other words, if 11 days are sufficient, why should I observe vratham for 40 days?
A: Having Vratham for 11 days is to keep the sanctity of  yatra and holy steps. Having vratham for 40 days is to sanctify ourselves.

Q: Where I can wear mala?
A: Maatha, Pitha, Guru, Dheivam. So, it is nice to have the mala from your mother. If not, you can go to Bridgewater temple and have the mala from one of the priests.

Q: Is there a list of pooja items to perform house pooja?
A: Yes. Please click here .

Q: Where can I buy Dothi(Veshti / vastram), Mala, etc?
A: You can obtain the mala from us during the weekly pooja at Bridgewater Temple. You can contact us to get the mala, Dothi (Veshti / vastram) and any other item you are in need.

Q: Where can I get the text for Slokams, Sarana Goshams and bhajans?
A: See here.

Q: May I have the set of rules and regulations to observe Vratham and undertake irumudi yatra?
A: You may refer this link.