Swami Saranam. At the request of many devotees, we plan to help, serve and coordinate certain donations to following specific purposes:
(1) Annadhaanam: To help the needy, homeless and old age people in India facilitated through NJ ABM devotees residing in India and who will involve, be part of and have direct access to target group of needy people by preparing food on a specific weekend on monthly basis.It is estimated to cost $201 on a monthly basis to serve and provide Annadhaanam for a group of 250 people
(2) Vidhyadhaanam: To help educate poor kids in India on an yearly basis through established channels in India. To educate a kid under the grade of 5, it is estimated to be 3000 INR/ approx $51 and kid from grade 6-12, it is estimated to beĀ 4200 INR/ approx $71.
If you are interested to donate for any of the above cause,Please provide your information along with the pledge for donation and we will contact you regarding the payment method.