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Irumudi Yatra 2016 – Feedback

From Ramesh Natarajan, San Jose, CA on Jan 16th 2016
Swamy charanam all… What a furious yet  fantastic, thoroughly exhausting yet energetic,  crazy yet calm, short yet eternal trip. Thanks all dedicated swamies for all the wonderful and selfless help. Iam sure sashta will bless enac and every one of you with boundless blessings. Though it was a very brief visit, it was packed with tons and tons of memories and emotions for me. Had a beautiful time with you all and blissful darahan. Swamy charanam!

From Sadish Naveen, NJ on Jan 16th 2016
This is first time 41 days with Ayyappa Virtam.  I so thankful my wife , kids for accepting my small version of  sannayasi life.  No non veg food for almost two months.  I reduced lot of family time . no movies  , less social gathering.

Same for my friends , temple IT team , especially my office manager , colleague accepting my appearance and character . Regarding  our Group , I can keep on type whole night.  But I touch few key people and events !!I have been travelled many spiritual group. But Our NJBM, I need to take mala, that’s it. Rest all taken care.

Hari Swamy whole seva to NJ community and clear vision , dedication , planning , execution azhagu.  Our Deepak, Ramesh, Maharajan, Venkat and all lead singers made Bhajan hit and best. All volunteers, food, Goody Bag, Web site update , Email update , Apps,  Sastha Preethi program in different temple all made super duper Spiritual package!! I am so happy and thankful to all pure souls.  I wish, we will continue all coming years  and attain self realization. May Ayyappa guide us !!

Irumudi Yatra 2013 – Feedback

From Ganesh Rajappah on Jan 15th 2013 @ 4.22 PM
Hari, thanks for checking…i believe we all have reached safely and have concluded the vratham successfully (in our own terms)

On behalf of the NJ Ayyappa group, i’d like to raise a special thanks and appreciation for Sai (swami) to have been continuously taking the arduous (and sometimes controversial) task of maintaining finances and always concluding it, by keeping people happy.

In the words of Hari srinivasan swami, “sai and others involved (in the finances) have made the financial cost for this trip ridiculously cheap and easy”. He also kept the full 40+ days vratham (along with 1 or 2 others in the whole group), which is not easy in this country…and attended all pujas and managed to reduce some burden on many events that happen during the mandala season, with his recommendations.

So thank you Sai.

Ganesh Rajappah.

From Pavithran on Jan 15th @2.24 pm
Though I am from kerela and live in a place that is not far from Sabarimala, I had never been able to go to Sabarimala. This has been my first trip to Ayyappa Darsanam with a wonderful group of swami devotees. My heartfelt thanks to Hari(and team) for accomodating people like me for this year and year to come.
Thanks to Sai GuruSwami for ritualing my Erumudi.
See you all next year.


From Vislakashi & Kannan on Jan 15th @ 9.17 AM

Hello Hari and the team,

Many thanks for your leadership .
Swami bless you all and every one.

MANOJ PURUSHOTHAMAN at Raja Ganapati Temple, Swedesboro, NJ on 01/13

Sent: Monday, January 14, 2013 10:23 PM
Subject: RE: Ayyappa Pooja at Raja Ganapati Temple, Swedesboro, NJ on 01/13

Dear Hari Swami,

Swami Sharanam.

We hope the swamis had a safe trip and darshan at Maryland temple.
Would like to thank all of you for joining us during the bhajan and creating such a devotional ambience that was really remarkable.
The vibrant energy that we experienced during the Sastha Preeti on Dec 25 at Guruvayoorappan temple was re-created yesterday evening, eventhough on a smaller scale.
I am sure all the devotees would have experienced the divine energy and vibration that flowed.

Guruji has given his consent for making this event a regular one and we would plan for more interactions in future.
We need to reach out to more Ayyappa devotees in South Jersey and Philadelphia and to unite all of us under a common umbrella.

Lord ensured everything to happen yesterday evening and we were just party to it.
Thanks once again.

God Bless !!!

Ayyappa Bhajan Group
Raja Ganapati Temple
Swedesboro, NJ

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